Friday, December 12, 2008


Hi Everyone....Niella has been in touch and would love to offer up 3 RAK's (prizes) from her gorgeous online shop Randomkitsandpieces drawn from the entries from our ultimate Jack!! How cool is that!!

Niella finds the cutest, quirkiest supplies to embellish your pages to be in to win a kit simply Jack up her layout and link us up to your layout in the comments.

Have a happy day

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Final Kiwi Jack!!

Yes this is it ladies, the final Kiwi Jack ever!

Rae, Neen, Mich and I have decided not to continue into 2009 but we have really loved jacking up some Kiwi talent and we would like to say a big thank you to all those who have taken part in the Jacks over the past year and a bit that the blog has been running.

So to see us out on a bright, fun and cheery note...Beverley has chosen this awesome layout by...


...and here is Beverley's version...

Thank you Beverley!! And here are the Niella Jack's from the team...



If you can find the time during the busiest month of the year to create yourself a Niella Jack we would love to see it...please share the link here in the comments....otherwise have a wonderful, safe Christmas and Happy New Year....

From all of us at Kiwi Jack Me Up....

So long!! and we will see you around!!

Meek, Rae, Neen and Mich xxxxx

Thank You Tracey Jackers!

Gorgeous layouts ladies!


Beautiful layouts by all and my little Movember RAK goes to Margo....great to see a layout of your hubby! Please email your address to me at and I'll get it in the post for you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

...and we are away laughing

....... Ha ha haa...hee hee hee.....into November....

or maybe for your hubbies, boyfriends, grown up sons or male friends and family that is MOVEMBER heh, heh!

Hi everybody...well this month we have a brand new Jack for you chosen by Vicki...






Hiya Tracey...You've been Kiwi Jacked! :-)

Vicki loved all the circle layouts Tracey has created for her BOM but this one was her absolute favourite and its easy to see why!

She was inspired to create this lovely little number for her Guest Jacker layout...


and here is what the Kiwi Jack team have created...





But in the meantime why not jump on in and give it a go! You have until the end of the month to create yourself silly and link us up to your layout in the comments...the drawer winner from the entries gets to choose the next Jack...come on you know wanna stitch someone up!!

Now for a little added twist, some fun and in honour of MO-VEMBER anyone who creates a layout using this Jack with a MASCULINE THEME will go into a draw for a wee RAK of scrappy goodies.

Now go forth and Scrap to your little hearts content..have mucho fun!


The Terribly Talented Two!!!

You rock ladies, I know how busy this time of the year gets so thanks for sharing your takes on Margo's layout!!

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Beverley your name came out of the hat...I hope you don't mind jacking up some more Kiwi talent for us all!!

Cheers Meek

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Jack time!!

Ready for a new Kiwi Jack everybody?

.....well here goes....chosen by the lovely Kris.....

......Margo Thomas you have been Jacked Up!!!

Great looking layout Margo, lots to inspire further creativity by the rest of us! Kris thank you so much for being our Guest Jacker for October, loving your clever digi layout!






Is still living the life of the jetsetter...heh,heh...hope you are having an awesome time girl!

We see you havn't totally forgotten about scrapping during your travels though!!

Have a fun month everybody, hope this spurs you on to create another layout for your albums...remember you layout dosn't have to be a direct scrap lift of Margo's simply take whatever inspiration that jumps out at you from her layout and use it in your own way!

The team looks forward to seeing what you all come up with every month so don't forget just add a link to your layout in the comments by the end of the month and the name we draw out of the hat next month gets to choose the Jack for December!!

Meek :-)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feast your eyes.....

....on the Meg Jack love....five gorgeous layouts ladies, thanks for playing along this month.






And Vicki we would love to invite you to be our November Guest Jack Me Upper!! please email me at for further details.

New Jack going up tomorrow for October chosen by might just be one of your layouts!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The sun is shining...

the perfect day to draw the RAK I promised.....

Tracy Duffy...please email me your address at and I shall get your spring goodies on their way to you!

Lara, Tracy and Bev thanks for playing and having fun with Meg's design....anybody else joining in you still have to the end of the month...the days certainly fly by don't they?!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fresh new September Jack....

...only a day late sorry computer glitch!!

So happy its Spring at last and Sue Bull our lovely guest Jacker for this month has chosen this fun, fresh little number to Jack up....

heh, whose is this super cute layout you ask? None other than the fabulous

'Divine Miss Meg' Mckenzie!!

Thanks Sue, perfect choice of layout to get us feeling the Spring those colours....

Here is Sue's version...not only does she inspire you with her layout but with those fantastic button flowers as well...

and take a peek at what Meg's layout inspired the Jack team to come up with....




Michelle...will get hers to us when she heck of a busy girl at the moment and we can appreciate that this is just a blog not a day job lol! Hang in there during the crazy times Mich!

Ok so bust out some fresh card and papers and have some fun being inspired by Megs up your layout here in the comments by the end of the month and we'll pop your name in the draw so you get to have the fun of stalking NZ scrappers galleries and picking the November Jack for us....

and because I am feeling giddy with Spring love and the promise of sunshine and warm weather and being in the garden and growing things...I'll have a little random rak happening anytime through out the if your link is in the comments when I decide to draw'll be in to win!

See ya!

Meek xx

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Fab Five Yvette Jackers!

Thanks Ladies for taking up the Kiwi Jack Challenge! and thanks Yvette for providing all the inspiration!




Roo're it for October!! Please will you jack us up a layout and be our guest designer :-)

...and Sue has chosen a really fun layout to bring us into Spring for our September Jack...see you next week.

Friday, August 1, 2008

All Jacked Up for August!









Thanks so much to Adele for taking on the task of being our guest Jack Me Upper this month and choosing this awesome layout to inspire us all.

Here are Adele's and the Jack teams layouts...






Ok have fun, be inspired, create another layout for your albums! Link up your layouts in the comments here so we can share what you have done and be in the draw to get the chance to Jack up your own favourite Kiwi scrapbooker for the month of October.

Deadline for this one is Sunday 24th August.

Happy Jacking all!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Superb Seven Heidi Jackers for July!!

Hey it was so great to see you all inspired to create with the layout Delys chose for you...Thanks Delys and Yayyyyyy Heidi for creating such a magnificent layout in the first place!!

Slideshow is refusing to play ball over the last couple of days here are all seven layouts in all their glory for you to appreciate! (*blowing wet raspberry at slideshow lol!!*)








and hey guess what...August tomorrow!! So a brand new Jack coming your way soon courtesy of last months draw winner Adele!

....oh and nearly forgot heh, heh.....I have drawn a name to choose our Jack for September....Sue....aka Scrappysue.....will you please do us the honour?!! email me at and and let me know if you can play....I will give you a few more details then too...

Stay warm and see you tomorrow!!