Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Jack time!!

Ready for a new Kiwi Jack everybody?

.....well here goes....chosen by the lovely Kris.....

......Margo Thomas you have been Jacked Up!!!

Great looking layout Margo, lots to inspire further creativity by the rest of us! Kris thank you so much for being our Guest Jacker for October, loving your clever digi layout!






Is still living the life of the jetsetter...heh,heh...hope you are having an awesome time girl!

We see you havn't totally forgotten about scrapping during your travels though!!

Have a fun month everybody, hope this spurs you on to create another layout for your albums...remember you layout dosn't have to be a direct scrap lift of Margo's simply take whatever inspiration that jumps out at you from her layout and use it in your own way!

The team looks forward to seeing what you all come up with every month so don't forget just add a link to your layout in the comments by the end of the month and the name we draw out of the hat next month gets to choose the Jack for December!!

Meek :-)