Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Fabulous Five....

...who took part in the May Louise Jack....





Love the variations you all came up, thanks so much ladies for supporting the Kiwi Jack blog!

Ok so we have a new Jack going up on June 1st chosen by last months winner Carol!!

....and I have drawn a winner to choose the Jack for July....DELYS.

Can't wait to see who you pick Delys..

See ya's on the 1st!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have you got your Louise Jack on yet?!!

The deadline for this one is this Saturday 24th you still have plenty of time to grab some inspiration from Louises layout and whip up a stunner....

Post a linky here in the comments and if you win the draw you will be up for Jacking up a friend or favourite NZ scrapper for the month of July...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jack Me Up for May.....

....and lookee here!!!

Just look at what Beverley found for us this month!!

A wonderful, original, super fabulous layout by the lovely......






Beverley didn't have to think too long before she decided who to Jack as Louise is one of her favourite scrappers...
"I loved this layouts of hers as I have boys
that sometimes I find just a bit more challenging to scrap and
Joshie looks so cute in it and I also love the Graffitti style title. "

and check out the awesome Boy layout Bev came up

Thank You Beverley for doing a fabulous Jack Up this month! and thank you Louise for providing this months inspiration heh, heh!!

Here is what the rest of the Jack Me Up team came up with....





Yayyy!! big round of applause for the Jack Me Uppers who take the time to create their Jacks every month...much appreciated girls!

We hope you find a little time in your busy month to to create a layout using Louise's layout to inspire you....whether it be one small element or the whole design...its up to you! Jack Away!!!

Please leave a link to your layout in the comments section and you will go into the draw to become the Jacker for July.....wouldn't you love a chance to show case your favourite NZ scrapper too!

Get Jacking!