Friday, August 1, 2008

All Jacked Up for August!









Thanks so much to Adele for taking on the task of being our guest Jack Me Upper this month and choosing this awesome layout to inspire us all.

Here are Adele's and the Jack teams layouts...






Ok have fun, be inspired, create another layout for your albums! Link up your layouts in the comments here so we can share what you have done and be in the draw to get the chance to Jack up your own favourite Kiwi scrapbooker for the month of October.

Deadline for this one is Sunday 24th August.

Happy Jacking all!


Anonymous said...

Great challenge and I love all the interpretations you have done. Mine is on my blog:

Thanks heaps for the inspiration :-)

Anonymous said...

ooh my sister beat me to it hee hee. Great layouts everyone.
Mines on my blog

scrappysue said...

i'm so happy with this jack and how mine turned out!!!:

Kris said...

Couldn't resist this jack, just love Yvette's LO, and love what Adele did for it. Here's mine:

Anonymous said...

I loved doing this one. That is why I was happy to pick this one of Yvette's many layouts. I am learning the layering thing, and Yvette seems to have it down to a tee, so, I guess the more I do, the better I shall become.


Roo said...

I know I'm a day late but I've done it :-)I took Yvette's title and did a lo on faves.

Anonymous said...

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