Sunday, November 2, 2008

...and we are away laughing

....... Ha ha haa...hee hee hee.....into November....

or maybe for your hubbies, boyfriends, grown up sons or male friends and family that is MOVEMBER heh, heh!

Hi everybody...well this month we have a brand new Jack for you chosen by Vicki...






Hiya Tracey...You've been Kiwi Jacked! :-)

Vicki loved all the circle layouts Tracey has created for her BOM but this one was her absolute favourite and its easy to see why!

She was inspired to create this lovely little number for her Guest Jacker layout...


and here is what the Kiwi Jack team have created...





But in the meantime why not jump on in and give it a go! You have until the end of the month to create yourself silly and link us up to your layout in the comments...the drawer winner from the entries gets to choose the next Jack...come on you know wanna stitch someone up!!

Now for a little added twist, some fun and in honour of MO-VEMBER anyone who creates a layout using this Jack with a MASCULINE THEME will go into a draw for a wee RAK of scrappy goodies.

Now go forth and Scrap to your little hearts content..have mucho fun!



Lisa said...

This looks great Monique, might just have a go at this, this month :)

Tracy said...

Wow awesome layouts there! Love trace's originally and what each of you girls have created is amazing! I'd love to give this ago!

Vicky said...

After months of not getting around to it, Ive finally done a Jack.. YAY!!!

Lisa said...

Yep same Vicky, have finally joined in too, quite pleased with the end result, here is the link!

thanks Monique, another page done!

Anonymous said...

YAY Trace! Congratulations and also to Vicki. Your take on it is awesome. Have printed and ready to scrap...LOL!!! Might just give it ago and love circles ATM....:)

Trace said...

Love all the takes on my layout - thanks everyone for joining in.

Margo said...

i have done it, first time i have got into a challenge, it is titled "love" in my post that i put up 3rd november.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tracey - awesome layout - mine is on my blog