Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well Vicky how does it feel to be well and truely Jacked!!

and didn't we all do well!!

A big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to everybody who joined in with our very first Jack Me Up!

and yes oh yes...we have been out lurking and peeking at blogs and galleries all over the country and the next Jack has been watch this space Mwah ha ha!!! cause it may just be YOU!

I have also drawn a name to be Guest Jacker for our upcoming please join us in welcoming JULIE MAREE I'm emailing you asap so you can get jacking on this one!!

Janenne has put together a slide show of all the wonderful Vicky jacks so sit back and enjoy until we reveal Jack #2


Janine said...

Thanks ladies for changing this so us wordpress users can leave comments. Congrats on your first Jack. Well done Julie on winning, I can't wait to see your guest designer "Jack". Looking forward to the next challenge and giving it a go.

Julie said...

Wow - its so cool seeing those layouts on the slide like that - all 'jacked' but all so individual! Awesome work!
Well done Julie for being the next designer for us to 'jack'