Saturday, June 23, 2007

A week in and...

...its like opening pressies at christmas coming here every day and opening links to your Vicky Jacks!! We love finding out just which details of Vicky's layout inspired you when you were creating your own layouts.

Also fantastic to hear scrappers commenting they are trying something new and just look at some of the gorgeousness you are coming up with so far!




The deadline for this one is midnight 7th you still have plenty of time to get jacking if you havn't already, just keep on scrolling to find Vicky's layout....and if you are feeling fabulous and have already completed yours, don't forget to keep popping back and checking out the links to everybody's Jacks as the above three are just a taste of what you have all been doing...if you've got time leave a little comment too, everybody appreciates a little scrappy love!!

(to keep things all together please leave the links to your jack in the comments of the original Vicky Jack post thanks!!)


Julie said...

Now how cool is that seeing my layout here - thanx!!
I'm really loving this site - I'm a lifter from a way back - thanx for making it 'legal' ;O)

Neen and Mike said...

Hahahaah! Julie... so funny, making it legal.
So hows it coming everyone!? One more week!!! Get your scrap on this weekend! The weathers going to be horrid so may as well!

Niknak said...

My LO is here:

Thanks ladies (including Vicky) this should outta be fun, if I can keep up LOL!!
:0) Nik

Debbie said...

Yay, here is my layout, i have had so much fun doing this layout...

Thank you for such an awesome new blog.