Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weeeeee!!!! .....

......a busy time for running fast to catching up here! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Thank you to our ladies who created absolutely gorgeous Jacks of Lesleys' layout! Stunning!Here is what they came up with....
Please follow the link for Janines layout blogger wouldn't take it for some reason!! Its beautiful so click that link!

Now.....I have pulled a name from the hat and would love to invite BEVERLEY CUNNINGHAM (fifiscraps) to choose our Jack and be our guest designer for May! Please email me Beverley we can't wait to see who you Jack!
The team are working furiously on their April Jacks, Yvette our winner from last month has Jacked us all up with a fabulous layout by another wonderful New Zealand Scrapper and I'll be posting it up on the 1st....see you then!


Kwik-Kliks, Kim's Scrapbooking said...

Way to go Bev! Congratulations!

LesleyC said...

Gorgeous layouts girls.

Congrats Bev

Angel Gurl said...

congrats Bev